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- is a nordic fashion brand with roots form the Faroe Islands located in Copenhagen.

Heidi has been working with KLEVANG for some years, but Jessica is going to be a part of the brand in 2023, it will therefore be a

new beginning for KLEVANG.

KLEVANG is formed by the elements of the nordic nature. All fine lines surrounded by dynamic weather and change of lighting. A timeless design constructed by raw details, focusing on exclusive materials and the finest craftmanship.

The brand aims to design clothing for strong independent women who combine fashion with everyday wear.

KLEVANG is always working towards becoming more sustainable and conscious of consumption and making long lasting garments.

Our Story

Heidi and Jessica have a special bond, two generations, aunt and niece with roots from the Faroe Islands. They share the same passion for fashion and being creative is a big part of their identity.


Heidi is a designer and Jessica just finished her IT studie in Aalborg and decided to move to Copenhagen. This was a big opportunity for them working together.

KLEVANG strives to design women's clothing for everyday wear. Making fashion comfortable wearing it at work with the highest quality


Indmarken 9, 2860 Søborg


+45 26227214

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